Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Participation in Occupation 2 - Activity analysis

Sooo it's second semester and I'd like to welcome you all back to my blogg :) This time around it will involve LOTS of reflecting and being 'mindful' on my experiences engaging in a certain activity. What is my certain activity I hear you say? I have chosen to use the occupation of 'making a pinata' as my activity to reflect. So stay tuned to learn more :)

Notes: on what it means to me personally
Experience of doing this activity
Imagine myself as an OT and what this activity would mean to 

Family tradition


Cost effective

Every year I make a piƱata mainly for my daughter’s birthday, or other occasions such as baby showers and family get togethers.

I enjoy doing this and continue to do so because it was something my mum and I used to do together as a child.

To me they are of better quality and a lot more meaningful than the bought ones and you can be very creative and choose whatever design you’d like. I’ve made Winnie the pooh, flounder of lil mermaid, lady bugs, turtles, fish & that’s just to name a few.

I find the painting and creativity side of it very calming and relaxing and they are so easy to make – needing only little money and resources.

Paloma, loves them and mum still enjoys seeing me make them too!!
Could be used as an intervention tool
-          Group work
-          Meaningful occupation
-          1:1

          Could be used in a range of settings with any age group.

         Can be easily incorporated into a weekly schedule

           Therapeutic benefits

           Cost effective

            Increase volition

            Is an activity promoting the use of and strengthening fine/gross motor skills

Basically making pinatas is something that was introduced to me as a child and I have continued to engage in this activity for the sheer enjoyment, it's therapeutic benefits, and most importantly the fun outcome it brings...being blind folded, twirled and being whacked at until....LOLLIES!!

What will help/hinder me in doing this activity mindfully?
Finding the right atmosphere & environment will either help or hinder me, so having not too many distractions and a clear working space will contribute to helping me be mindful. Also being in the right frame of mind and aware of what being 'mindful' is will help & last weeks exercise using the raisins will surely be a guide in doing so!

Where and when are you going to do it?
I am going to make my pinata at home and aim to work on it 2- 3 times a week leading up to my daughters 4th birthday!! She wants a princess pinata!! So it's got to be ready in 3ish weeks time :)

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