Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Part of analyzing the value of meaningful engagement and mindful participation in occupation...in my case making a pinata...involves taking into consideration ergonomics.

According to Dul and Weerdmeester (1993) the word ergonomics is derived from the Greek word 'ergon' (work) and 'nomas' (law). Ergonomics aims to design appliances, technical systems and tasks in such a way as to improve human safety, health comfort and performance.

Some examples of ergonomics I will need to consider when making my pinata are:
  • How many people do I need to participate in making a pinata?
  • Will this activity feel normal/natural?
  • Are the scissors sharp enough?
  • What is the best position for seating when crafting?
  • Safety considerations??
  • Time available??

It is also important to acknowledge how the environment has a strong influence amongst ergonomics. How the person fits within the environment will influence how an activity is performed, yet they have the potential to equally shape each other.

So what are some opportunities that are made available for me in making a pinata in my home environment ?

  • Being able to choose what time of day I engage in making a pinata to ensure my daughter is at home with me and that I have no visitors, distractions or errands to run.
  • Being comfortable in my own house, creating an ideal environment i.e good lighting, warmth and a suitable area to work in.
  • The ability to stop and start for breaks when I choose.

All of the above considerations involving ergonomics will help to facilitate action, participation, production, expression and subsistence.

So...in summary lots ergonomics is of great importance to me now as a student and as a future OT and knowing how the person fits within the environment and their abilities to shape each other.


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