Sunday, October 23, 2011


Although we touched very little on ambience during our tutorials, I have gathered and gained some useful information on what ambience is and how this relates to my activity of making a pinata (which by the way I finished last week! Woo Hoo!!)

"Ambience applies to the atmosphere of the surroundings, their mood or tone, and can compromise the atmosphere or background against which something is seen" ( Reed, Sanderson, 1999, p.160).

So the way I see it, atmosphere, tone and mood have substantial effects on ambience. Would I want to participate in making a pinata if my flatmate was blasting dubstep, or if my daughter was nagging me to take her to the park, or if my lounge had a smashed window creating a draft throughout the house? I THINK NOT!!

When I participate in making my pinata, it is usually just me and my daughter at home, no negative vibes in the house, no distractions, and we are both keen to get crafting. This sets the mood and creates a positive ambience :)

According to Sunderland (2010) evidence of ambience is about action, participation, production, expression and subsistence. So as an Occupational Therapist it will be important to create positive ambience for clients so that all the above can be demonstrated with an end result of people having fun and enjoying themselves.


Reed, K.L., Sanderson, S.N. (1999). Concepts on occupational therapy. USA: Lippincott & Wilkins.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for making this blog, you we're the inspiration for my group session. I found it therapeutic making the piƱatas, and I had a similar feeling to you about wanting to do it at a time more relaxed.
    Had you thought about making more connections to your own experiences, so writing about it as a 'raisin' experience.
    Hope the party goes well